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All meals consist of multiple courses of healthy balanced meals using fresh and organic ingredients prepared that day.
The combinations are varied daily to keep the childs interest and and appetite at it peak. 


Oatmeal    Rice Krispies    Biscuits    Whole Wheat Toast    Pancakes    Fruit Yogurt

Cinnamon Rolls    Bagel Peach Slice    Cheerios    Toast Bread and Cream Cheese

Corn Flakes    Strawberry Muffin    Apples    Pears    Orange Juice    Plums    Bananas

Applesauce    Fruit Cocktail    Strawberries    Blueberries    Grapes

AM Snacks

Biscuit    Pancake    Cottage Cheese    Apples    Monkey Bread

String Cheese    Bread and Cream Cheese    Granola Bar    

Bread Stick    Ritz Crackers    Rice Cake    Vanilla Yogurt

Banana Wafers    Cheerios


Chicken Soup    Vegetable Soup    Soup with Lentils

Noodle Soup    Peaches    Orange Slices    Watermelon


Pasta with Meat and Cucumbers    Rice and Cutlets    Buckwheat and Chicken Breast

Spaghetti and Meatballs    Peas & Carrots    Toast    Vegetable Pizza    Meatloaf

Baked Potatoes    Chicken and Rice Casserole    Turkey Sandwich    

Buckwheat and Tomato Salad    Corn    Mac & Cheese    Boiled Potatoes    Crescent Rolls

Rice and Tuna Salad Sandwich

All meals are served with Milk or Juice

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