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Health and Safety


The first and foremost priority is the heath and safety of your child.  We provide a safe and fun enviroment for childrenn of all ages.  Our area is always clean and neat, any toys not used are put away, our child development specialists are aways making sure the toys are age apropriate for you child and educational.

daycare table and chairs


The outside play area is fenced in by a solid wooden fence to ensure privacy and safety for your child.  There is a multitude of fun and educational outside toys to stimulate creativity while enjoying the outdoors.  Multiple covered areas and rubberized mats for safety.


We use hardwood flooring to allow for minimal dust and allergens allowing for cleaned air throughout the building.

children eating lunch


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are freshly prepared and served hot.  We use organic produce and high quility items to prepare fresh and delicious meals.  Healthy snacks between meals to maintain a nutrient rich diet.

preschool grad.PNG

Professional Staff

Our trained and educated staff are here to assist your child with anything they may need.  Our patience and care foster an environment of great learning through repetition of tasks and words that help your child develop good habits and language skills.



Our unique plan for education and activities fosters a belief in everything is a learning opportunity.  


Every activity your child participates in allows for an opportunity to create and learn.  We have guest instructors appearing regularly that bring their own fun and exiting style to every lesson.  Whether its art, dancing, math, alphabet, spelling, sounds or colors it will leave an impression with your child. 

We love our parents.



We offer our Instagram account to our parents only.  We regularly post photographs of our projects and activities for our parents to see.

Parent Requests:


We understand everyone is different and are more than glad to stay on a preferred diet or routine to the best of our ability.

Stay Connected:


Text, Call, E-Mail or follow us (Instagram/Twitter). We will do our best to keep you informed.

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